Alok Rakyan


“My craft is influenced by four Japanese words: kodawari meaning dedication to perfection; takumi, the mastery of skill; tsu, the mastery of knowledge; and iki, the mastery of style.”


Tokyo-based, Indian-born Alok Rakyan is the private jeweller to a distinguished coterie of jewellery collectors across the globe. A trusted confidante to his long-standing clients, his is a story built upon a 350-year-old Indian legacy of jewels destined for royalty. The descendant of one of India’s most illustrious jewellery families, Alok’s ancestors were court jewellers to the Indian maharaja. His grandfather was one of the founding fathers of India’s Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council. From a spectacular commission inspired by the legendary jewels of Indian royalty, known as the Nizams, to a simple one-off pair of breathtaking, fancy vivid yellow-and-white diamond earrings, Alok imbues every jewel he creates with a distinctively Japanese approach to craftsmanship. Each jewel is the culmination of his Indian heritage of artistry mastered over generations, combined with the aesthetics, precision, sophistication and engineering he has honed during his three decades as a jeweller in Japan.

Alok Rakyan creations have international appeal, not only for artistry, but also for their origin.


“There is nothing quite like witnessing the joy my clients feel when they see a piece of jewellery they have been involved in from inception to creation.”


Alok Rakyan jewellery is personalized and only available in select stores or by appointment.

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